Compare Toyota Yaris Dimensions

Periodical buyer inquiry forces auto companies to generate new Toyota Yaris with boosted potency, different characteristics, and also measurements. If you are curious about the latter and working on it to figure out what dimensions the Toyota Yaris features, one may be certain in our professionals. On this webpage, we provide varied charts and tables of content along with exact statistics about the Toyota Yari's hallmarks, specifically, the very dimensions. Automobilists have a lot of needs to meet - amenities, movability, effortless parking, saving energy usage, and many more.

As a result, the dimensions of your own Toyota Yaris could become one of the primary facets to think of when planning to single out a modern car. So, everyone knows 3 dimensions including height, width, and length. Firstly, the height of any Toyota Yaris can be checked from the lowest part and ending with the tallest point of the car roof. Secondly, the width may be a significant aspect for anyone, who may have a thin storage area, since this second measure identifies the biggest points of the Toyota Yaris without car mirrors. The very last dimension is the length metric of your Toyota Yaris and for the sake to learn it an automobile enthusiast should determine it from your backside towards the front side and rest a tool (such as a meterstick) on the flooring to receive the sharp dimensions.


Is Toyota Yaris a big car?

The Toyota Yaris is a small family car that's cheap on the used market and comes with a decent amount of standard equipment. It isn't as fun to drive as a Ford Fiesta or as roomy as a Skoda Fabia, but it's a good all-rounder. It's even available as a frugal hybrid model – unusual for this size of the car.

How big is Yaris 2022?

The height, measured from the ground to the top of the car, is 1505 mm across all variants. The width is 1695 mm across all variants. The length is 3940 mm across all variants.

Is the Toyota Yaris a small car?

If you're in the market for a subcompact car, the Yaris is worth checking out.

Is a Yaris bigger than a Corolla?

Both the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Yaris offer seating for up to 5, but the Corolla provides a bit more room for those passengers to stretch out: Toyota Yaris. Headroom (front/rear) – 38.2 inches / 36.8 inches. Leg room (front/rear) – 41.9 inches / 34.4 inches.

Is Toyota Yaris bigger than VW Polo?

Although the 2022 Volkswagen Polo measures fractionally bigger in overall dimensions than the Toyota Yaris, the effects on cabin space are minimal. Only a few centimeters favoring the Polo to be found in cabin measurements such as shoulder width, headroom, and legroom.

Is Toyota Yaris smaller than Honda City?

Placed side-by-side, the Honda City Hatchback is the bigger car in all dimensions, but it does offer a smaller turning radius of 5.0 m, just a tad shorter than the Toyota Yaris's 5.1-m turning radius.

What is similar to a Yaris?

It needs to see off some seriously accomplished rivals, including two models from fellow Japanese firms. The Mazda 2 has been revised since its last appearance on these pages, and the 1.3-liter Tamura undercuts all of its rivals in price. Then there's the Suzuki Swift.

What vehicle is similar to a Toyota Yaris?

Popular competitors:

  • Mitsubishi Mirage.
  • Scion iM.
  • Toyota Yaris Sedan.
  • Toyota Yaris iA.
  • Chevrolet Spark.
  • Toyota Yaris.

What Toyota is bigger than a Yaris?

Size-wise, the Yaris Cross is just under 4.2 meters long, while the C-HR is a little longer and closer to 4.4 meters.

Which is bigger Prius or Yaris?

Space and Size. The Toyota Prius is exceptionally spacious, offering up to 24.6 cubic feet in its cargo area and an interior volume of 93.1 cubic feet. That puts it ahead of the Toyota Yaris' 15.3 cubic feet of cargo space and 84.4 cubic feet of interior volume.

Which small Toyota is best?

Our top picks for Toyota's best compact small cars for 2021

  • The All-New Yaris Cross Urban Hybrid. If you're not quite ready to say goodbye to the cabin space of a smaller SUV, but you need something that thrives in tight gaps – this one could be for you.
  • New Yaris. Good things do come in small packages.
  • Corolla.

Is Toyota Yaris a SUV?

The Toyota Yaris Cross is predominantly a front-wheel-drive compact SUV.

Is the new Yaris bigger?

The Yaris is based on an all-new, 37 percent stiffer compact car platform known internally as GA-B – essentially a downsized version of the GA-C platform used for the latest C-HR and Corolla – which has also allowed Toyota to make it 5mm shorter than the outgoing model, though the wheelbase has grown by 50mm.

Which is bigger Kia Rio or Toyota Yaris?

Its size shows how city-friendly it is, with the Rio measuring 4.04 meters long, 1.72m wide, and 1.45m tall. The Rio is longer and wider than the Yaris, though, which spans 3.90m long and 1.69m wide, though it has a taller body (1.51m).

Is Yaris bigger than Golf?

While both the Yaris and Golf offer 60/40 split folding rear seats, the Golf triumphs with 52.7 cubic feet of cargo space. The Yaris only maxes out at 15.6 cubic feet. The Yaris also makes you pay more for five-door configurations, however, since its base model only offers 3 doors.

Is Honda Fit bigger than Yaris?

The Toyota Yaris has 106 horsepower, giving up more than 20 horsepower to the Fit. The Fit also has an advantage in terms of interior space, with an amazing 95.7 cubic feet, compared to about 85 cubic feet in the Yaris. The Fit also comes with its unique Magic Seat.

Can a tall person fit in a Toyota Yaris?

Toyota Yaris

And totally inaccessible for tall people. Headroom: 39.3 inches.